Premiere Pro Legaliser Plug-In is now lightning fast

Premiere Pro Legaliser Plug-In is now lightning fast

Eyeheight has produced an ultra fast Legaliser Plug-In using both software design speed and the new GPU Hardware Acceleration, which also includes a free 1 month fully featured trial period download.

As from September, 2017 our Premiere Pro Plug-In includes this new LegalFast plug-in. This is a complete “from scratch” legaliser which utilises the power of the GPU for OpenCL, Cuda and Metal hardware acceleration. The accuracy is also improved with full floating point implementation meaning that the 8 bit artifacts from our existing plug-in BroadcastLegalPP are a thing of the past. The last version legaliser is still included as a legacy product in the new 1.8 version Legaliser software.

Other improvements include 4K and 8K cursors on our Safe Area Generator which is now included as an unlicensed product meaning that it is effectively Free. Also our BroadcastEvaluate plug-in which simply indicates illegal areas is also improved with colour coding to indicate which colour component is out of range.

This means that our new system contains 4 plug-ins, LegalFastPP Legaliser with GPU acceleration, BroadcastLegalPP (Legacy) software legaliser, BroadcastSafeAreaPP safe area generator and BroadcastEvaluatePP legal indicator. We also have transferrable USB and network license options available together with the ability to hire the plug-in for a particular project. Please check out for further information.

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